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Plant based (non-synthetic) dyes are made from...plants! It is the way they are grown and processed, and what ingredients are added to them that makes one companies products different from those sold by a different company.

Each ingredient (vegetable, spice, plant) has particular characteristics including solubility, stability, taste, etc. Colors made from plants can get moldy with time and contamination.

Colors from earthy vegetables like beets and cabbage will mold more easily than colors made from spices and other plant parts like paprika and turmeric.

Plant based colors are formulated to be used in either products that have some water in them (like icings and modeling chocolate) or products that have no water at all in them (like cocoa butter and chocolate).

All natural colors will be affected by the acid or base chemistry of the products you add them to. To keep the color as intended it is best to add to the most neutral ingredient possible. 

Vegetable color may darken, fade and brown when heated. When baking with natural color try smaller or thinner shapes so they need less time and heat.

Natural colors will fade over time, especially yellow, so it is best to store the colors and products made with them in a dark container or area.


POWDER and LIQUID colors are made from the same ingredients but different bases, storage and use qualities.
POWDERS sometimes have a little tapioca or other starch as a base. They are simple to store and rarely spoil, but usually need to be reconstituted before using. Most are quite intense and can be used in many ways.
LIQUIDS are easy and ready to use. Just add a few drops to your product. They must be refrigerated or frozen to maintain freshness and most should be used within six months, sooner is better.

OIL DISPERSIBLE POWDERS do not really dissolve but are made to be extremely fine and give the appearance of even color.

• Have the longest shelf life, are reasonably priced and come in simple packaging.
• Easily stored in tightly closed container in a dark, cool area like a cabinet or pantry.
• May be added to oil based products but will not fully dissolve, causing speckling.


Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined from the earth, ground into a very fine powder that is white in color and used to enhance the color and sheen of certain foods, cosmetics, sunscreen and toothpaste for a very long time.

Add this fine powder to lighten any product, or as a white paint.

Available in 1/4, 1/2 or 1 oz

More expensive per ounce and also have good intensity
Can be powders or liquids
Most of our oil dispersible colors are in powder form because we like the simplicity of minimal base and long storage. Paprika oil
(1/4 oz,1/2 oz,1 oz or set of 4 colors/.15 oz ea)

Very fine "clean" vegetable powders with little to no flavor. Primarily used in chocolate and do not mix or disperse into water or products that have no water at all in them.


Just like the yellow liquid color but much stronger. The glycerine base blends with oil but will also work with most products that have water in them.


Paprika oleoresin is an oil-soluble extract from the fruits of Capsicum annuum or Capsicum frutescens, used as a colouring in food products.


  • Are easy and ready to use. Just add a few drops to your product.

  • Must be refrigerated or frozen to maintain freshness and should be used within six months.

  • Will not blend with products without any water based ingredients at all. If there is both water and oil or shortening in a product it can be colored with either water based or oil based color. 

  • (water dispersible - 1/2 oz or 2 oz)


• provide more intensity with less base than the liquid colors.

• keep refrigerated up to three months or freeze to maintain freshness up to a year.

• will not blend with oil based products (like straight butter or pure chocolate and coatings).

• will add some liquid to your product.

1 oz individual or set of 8 colors / .3 oz ea)

ready to use. made with "clean" ingredients and vegetable color, here in PDX


Our preferred base for writing is tasty, easy to use, easy to store and very versatile. Made from real white and dark chocolate with additional oil added for consistency. Wide selection of colors. Designs can be made directly onto your treats or on a piece of paper, chilled and then carefully transfer. Another decorating idea for folks who aren't sure of their writing skills is to roll out modeling chocolate, cut a shape and write on that and let it set. Then put the decorated "banner" onto your cake or treat.



Pretty much describes it! A basic blend of organic shortening and organic powdered sugar formulated to hold up and be squeezable. For those who want a vegan product these icings are perfect!


Create strong, bold colors and designs by painting directly onto cookies, firm icing, modeling chocolate or even onto fruits or vegetables! Our paints are powdered color combined with organic dried egg white. Create strong, bold colors with minimal impact to the taste or texture of your icings or decorations without added sugar.

A technique used by professional decorators yet simple enough for the youngest bakers! A fantastic technique for decorating parties; using brushes is easy for most and keeps group projects sanitary.


Surface decoration like paint, but goes on dry like make-up for treats. You can also paint first then, when dry, add some shimmery dust or get paints with shimmer added. The sparkles rise to the surface then dry, adding a coating of edible sparkle. Dust can be applied to the surface of any fairly dry item.


Modeling chocolate is made from real white and dark chocolate with the addition of syrup to keep it soft and pliable. All the colors of modeling chocolate are made from white chocolate which includes dairy. Use is similar to clay - with the caveat that it may get sticky and melt if handled too long or used in a hot area.


Sprinkles are the easiest way to create a pop of color and brighten up any celebration. Sugar sprinkles will keep for a very long time, just like sugar in your panty. Store in a cool, dark, dry place - your pantry or cabinet is probably perfect!

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