Writing, Paints & Dusts

Add details to your treats.
Easy to use & fun for all ages.


  • Write on top of almost anything!
  • Warm container to liquefy
    then squeeze out.
  • Becomes firm as it cools. Squeeze.
    Tastes like candy!
  • Many colors, rewarm and use as needed.
    Good a year or more.
  • Contains dairy and soy products


      • Write on top of almost anything!
      • Ready to use in yellow, pink & green.
      • Good for 3-6 months.
      • Designs stay soft and may bleed if refrigerated.
      • Tastes okay, vegan.
        • Just like using watercolors. Goes on wet,
          then dries. Shimmer paint will have a sparkly finish.
        • Best on firm, dry surfaces (cookies, modeling
          chocolate, fondant, firm icing, fruit, candies.
        • Wonderful for sugar-free decorating.
        • Made from vegetable colors and organic
          powdered egg white.
              • Like "make-up" for decorations! Brush               
                dry powder for an elegant  shine or sparkle.                  
              • Use on firm, dry surfaces (cookies,
                modeling chocolate, fondant, firm icing).
              • Made from natural mica (like the sparkles
                in sand) and titanium dioxie (used to whiten
                candies, cosmetics and toothpaste.
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